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How to Clean Your Golf Clubs Properly

Cleaning must be done to avoid dirt and mold that grows within the grooves of your golf clubs. You can also maintain the sturdiness of the club if you clean it regularly. The quality of golf clubs degrades more when it gets dirtier. If you want your clubs to look good as the new ones, you must know how to properly clean it.

• Assemble your cleaning materials.

hybrid golf clubsThere are different ways you can use when cleaning your golf clubs. You can prefer your own style or follow the usual way of cleaning it. There are many cleaning kits available in golf shops. You can buy this kit if you do not have the necessary materials for cleaning. You can easily clean the clubs if you have this one. If you do not have an extra money, another option is to gather all the cleaning materials found in your house. All you need is a bucket, an old and used toothbrush or any other brush with soft plastic bristles, a dishwashing liquid soap, and a towel. If you are planning to clean the clubs in your bathroom or sink, there is no need for a bucket.

• Create soap suds.

Pour a small amount of the dish washing liquid soap on your bucket. Then, pour enough warm water to create soap suds. Do not use boiling water because it may loosen the parts of your golf clubs.

• Submerge the clubheads of your golf irons in the bucket.

Do the cleaning near a faucet or a water hose to have an unlimited water source. Put the bucket in a stationary position and dip the golf irons in the bucket. Avoid submerging the ferrules. Just let the iron rest in the warm water for about 5 minutes. This is to loosen up the dirt on the edge and the face of the club. The suds will be responsible for removing oils and chemicals on the heads.

• Clean the dirt off the grooves.

After five minutes of soaking, grab one club at a time. Use an old brush to remove the dirt in the grooves. You must do this with precision because this is the most important part of your club. Also, clean up the base of the clubs. Remove all the visible dirt and debris. If you cannot remove the solidified dirt and debris, you should soak the club for a longer time. In this case, you are allowed to make use of a stiff-bristled brush. However, you are prohibited to use a wire-bristled material since it can damage the surface of the club.

• Rinse off your clubs.

Use a water hose or a faucet to wash off the suds in your clubs. After washing the clubheads, check again for remaining dirt and debris. Bear in mind that you must not wash the shaft.

• Dry the whole club.

With the use of an old towel or cloth, let the whole club dry. Also, wipe the shaft to remove the dust particles. Make sure to keep the clubs in your bag only when they are already dry.

• Cleaning fairway woods.

Soaking in the water for too long is not applicable for the woods. You must only dip the metal woods into the pail of suds quickly. Using a moist cloth, wipe the club, and then dry it using a towel. When cleaning the persimmon clubheads, you can use the moist cloth. You are allowed to use an old toothbrush for cleaning off the dirt on the clubface.

This is the simplest way to clean up your golf clubs. It will only take you a few minutes to make your clubs as clean as the brand new ones.

You can replace the golf iron with a hybrid golf clubs.

Foreclosure Homes or Brand New Homes for Sale in Nassau County, Long Island

If you have done your due diligence then you know that foreclosure homes (i.e. distressed homes) are sold at lower prices. For the first half of 2013, the difference (i.e. foreclosure discount) is around 25.2%. On the other hand, foreclosure homes are usually fixer-uppers. The best-case scenario is the property has a few leaky pipes and needs a fresh coat of paint.

The goal of this article is to help consumers decide which is better: foreclosure homes or brand new homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island. The discussion will even tackle general rules. A few tips will also be provided by li real estate along the way.

Loan Amount

li real estateAs mentioned earlier, foreclosure homes are usually cheaper. The foreclosure discount for homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island is 25.2%, but the difference also depends on the neighborhood and the number of foreclosure homes available within it. In fact, in Hicksville, the average foreclosure discount can go as low as 6.9%. On the other hand, in Massapequa, the average foreclosure discount is as high 27.8%.

Tip: Remember, you may be able to afford a home on installment, but that does not mean you can afford to maintain it at its optimum state. Take this into consideration when you are being sold a discounted and bigger foreclosure home with that swimming pool you’ve always wanted.

Physical State

It is a no-brainer that brand new homes are in a better state than foreclosure homes. In most cases, the bank and lender fix things up a bit. Some experts actually advise homeowners to prefer “as is where is.” For one, they are cheaper. Second, the renovation job done by some lenders tends to be on the shoddy side (cosmetic at best). Simply put, it’s better to know what you are getting.

Tip: Bring along an expert assessor or contractor during your tripping.


Brand new homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island usually have lower insurance rates. The opposite is true for foreclosure homes. Of course, there are other factors to consider. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Location
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Smoke alarm installation
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire-retardant construction materials

Tip: Insurance costs should also be factored in when buying a home. This does not only mean the bare minimum required by the state. This should also include add-on insurance that is necessary for your specific needs.

Maintenance Cost

The popular misconception is that foreclosure homes cost more to maintain than brand new homes. This may be true for the first 2 to 5 years. This is even assuming the homebuyer did not make any renovations.

Tip: Remember to pay special attention to the wirings, pipes, and the structural integrity of foreclosure homes. It’s easy to install a new drywall and re-paint a room. On the other hand, structural problems are expensive and may even result in your eviction. Remember, some of these properties have been vacant for months, perhaps years.

In Closing

If you are in the market for a home, you need to act fast. This is especially true if you are buying distressed properties. Why? This is because big business has found a way to make logistics feasible to buy in bulk. As a result, demand is going up and supply is going down.